"we have used tristan to shoot for us many times and he has always delivered and impressed me as a growing talent beyond his years. i've purposely pushed and challenged him to see if and how much he's able to get done and get done well! tristan has a very bright future as a photographer who's able to get the job done well. "
- Ralph reynolds, founder & owner, rp55 group

"from our first project, tristan has brought an ambitious and friendly attitude to each event and project he shoots. his images elevated our brand and set the tone for our marketing campaigns. in part because of his efforts, we have attracted up to 80% of new visitors at our events over the past year."
- jennifer lucy, curator of community engagement, hermitage museum & gardens

"his work ehtic is unmatched. i am grateful to have had the honor of working with him and watching him grow."
- careyann weinberg, director, selden market

"he quickly established himself as a necessary and dependable teammate, whose strength in photography, videography, project management, and social media development was integral to our operations."
- charles rasputin, creative director & owner, slowdive gallery

"not only is he ambitious, but he motivates others to do the same. very inquisitive, driven, and has always been a problem solver and a natural born leader.'
- trevor lucas, owner, anomaly art studio